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newLifeBox-XL for respiratory function labs

NewLifeBox-XL is a robust multi-sensor data acquisition device for studies in the field of respiratory system analysis.

NewLifeBox-XL is built around four high precision and calibrated breathing air pressure sensors that measure air flow (1x) and absolute pressures (3x). Pressures are measured with a resolution of 0.05 cmH2O at 200 samples per second.


The measurement device offers several sensor connections for respiratory mechanics measurements as well as sensors for gas exchange analysis. Data can be presented on a computer, or a patient monitor.

Generally, NewLifeBox-XL is highly customizable. Internally, the device is even prepared for some future additions. So, if you have specific requirements for a study, please talk to us, so that the best fitting configuration can be offered to you.

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newLifeBox-XL is a joint project of Advanced Life Diagnostics UG and Applied Biosignals GmbH

Key features

  • AWF: 0.024 to 30 L/min (neo) or 1.2 to 180 L/min (adult), accuracy ± 0.012 L/min

  • AWP: -120 to 120 cmH2O, resolution 0.05 cmH2O at 200 S/s

  • Optional Respiratory Inductance Plethysmography (RIP, 2 bands) with external sensor. Sensitivity: < 1 mL lung volume changes at 200 S/s with good long term stability.

  • CO2 sensor connection (Capnostat5). Measure AWF and CO2 precisely synchronized. Volumetric capnography applications possible.

  • internal barometric pressure sensor

  • FiO2 fuel cell connection, measure slow changing oxygen levels

  • Triggered I/O, galvanically isolated; pulse generator or pulse reader for synchronisation with external instruments or cameras.

  • USB main connection to a computer; Polybench drivers available

  • USB loop-through connections for better cable management

  • three serial I/O ports (RS232) for external sensor or data connections

  • optional data display on Philips Intellivue patient monitor using EC5 and EC10 modules

  • programmable with data processing algorithms

  • robust aluminium case, lockable connections

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