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scientific data acquisition with newLifeBox® Neo-RSD

NewLifeBox® Neo-RSD is a computer system that connects to various devices in the delivery room, and that records a large set of data for scientific studies or evaluation of medical procedures.

Neo-RSD (neonatology research support device) works in combination with one of the NewLifeBox measurement devices for acquiring airway flow, pressure and tidal volumes delivered to the patient. Optionally, devices can be connected to also acquire SpO2, FiO2, ECG, NIRS, etc. data, as well as video with an optional video camera module.

NewLifeBox Neo-RSD is based on a medical touch screen computer module with software that communicates with several measurement devices. It synchronises and acquires the data streams of those devices. Acquired data is partly processed using mathematical algorithms, to allow easy data verification. Some signals are displayed on the screen for data integrity checks. A small video window on screen allows proper adjustment of the video camera.

newLifebox Neo-RSD screen

During the resuscitation, a selection of vital parameters from the medical devices that have been connected, together with flow and pressure data from the NewLifeBox device are all stored to disk (both waveforms and numerical data). After the measurements, the recorded data and video images can then be exported to a storage device and imported on another computer in order to review and replay the data.

data evaluation

Neo-RSD is delivered with a desktop application that can replay and display recorded files. Recorded data are shown in a screen that copies that of the Neo-RSD monitor. It is then possible to scroll through the measurement, either by scrolling waveforms or the video images.

management of recordings

Neo-RSD comes with a seperate application that manages series of recordings. This way, it is easy to find back data and to export and import data files. You can define yourself the format of registration records for a set of measurements and so store meta-information together with a recording.

specifications of Neo-RSD

Please request a specification document using our contact form.

newLifebox Neo-RSD cart

new features of Neo-RSD version 5

  • includes algorithms to detect spontanious breaths, applied CPAP, applied PPV, applied SI and if the mask is not placed (well)

  • automatically selects PIP/PEEP or CPAP pressure displays

  • now also works with the more advanced newLifeBox-XL

  • oxygen saturation can now optionally be read from a Philips patient monitor

  • if a Philips patient monitor is connected, ECG waveforms can be stored and a HR based on ECG can be displayed

  • added six event buttons to put numbered markings in the measurements

  • added registration of used mask size

  • optionally pressure based breath detection can be used

  • updated interface to NIRS devices

  • lowest waveform graph may show user defined signals

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